Croatia to implement new gambling rules and regulations

The gaming industry around the world is growing very rapidly and despite all the setbacks and negative impact of gray markets, many gaming analysts are predicting a bright future for this industry..

With regard to the gambling industry in Europe, a number of countries are currently trying to implement the necessary changes to establish a stable gambling industry that is beneficial to both gambling providers. gambling only for gamers. Croatia is another European country whose regulators have finally understood that changing outdated rules could be beneficial to the country's well-being..

It was recently announced that the changes proposed by the Croatian authorities have been approved by the European Commission and the next step will be to discuss online gaming equipment and make it officially valid..

According to the information published, the new laws provide for the obtaining of a special license which allows gambling providers to operate on Croatian territory. The license will be issued by the Ministry of Finance, but the fees, which those who want to be available in the local gambling market are supposed to pay, are quite high..

In addition, each gambling supplier approved for a license will be required to make a bank deposit equal to 3 million kuna. This rule will be imposed in order to ensure the financial stability of operators.

Although the requirements mentioned above may seem excessive to some people, there is an additional fee that must be paid. Each gambling provider will be expected to withhold a specific amount from player winnings to cover high taxes..

Players based in Croatia will also have to pay high taxes. There will be a special system that will estimate how much each player is supposed to pay. Those who earn up to 10,000 kuna will have to pay a 10% tax. The percentage increases, depending on the amount of money, earned during a given period.

According to the original plan, the new rules will be implemented in 2015 or as soon as the national parliament approves the proposal and all the small details have been sorted out..

The approval of the European Commission has made gamers, keen to take part in different online gambling activities, very excited as they may soon have the opportunity to participate in gambling activities. Once the new rules are implemented, players will be legally allowed to create accounts on .com websites.

Until now, the Croatian gambling regulatory authorities, as well as those in Italy and France, have only allowed players to register on special websites and access to famous poker platforms. online was limited. It seems that poker players are the most enthusiastic, as the new changes will allow them to compete in prestigious poker tournaments and prove their skills in battle against tough opponents from all over the world..